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Metal Roof System with Excellent Performance in Waterproof, Heat Insulation and Wind Uplift Resistance
Duowei DW-19 standing seam metal roof system is a 360° standing seam metal roof system researched and developed by Duowei Union Group with leading technology in the world. The roof panels are tightly locked via 360°seam, along with the special sliding clips which are connected with the roof purlin. Besides, with the specialized design for joint connections of the eave, ridge, gable and openings, in order to prevent deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction, thus the roof system can achieve better performance in terms of waterproof, heat insulation and wind uplift resistance. Duowei DW-19 metal roof system has been approved with the "Beijing New Technology & Product" certificate from Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and US FM wind uplift resistance accreditation.

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